Cross Platform Game Engine written in C# on top of MonoGame Framework

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The Vertices Engine is the in-house developed game engine from @VirtexEdgeDesign & @rtroe based in and built from the ground up in C#. It uses @MonoGame as it’s back end allowing it to run cross platform on PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android.

There are recently released Nuget packages which can be found through the badge links below so that users can play around with Vertices on their own machines.


Platform Build Status Nuget Package
DesktopGL alt text nugetOGL
Android alt text nugetOGL
iOS alt text nugetOGL
DirectX alt text nugetOGL


A number of currently released and up coming games use vertices, you can find an outline below:

The Chaotic Workshop


The Chaotic Workshop is a mobile Rube Goldberg style puzzle game involving you to use your creativity and problem solving along with the toolbox of over 70 items to solve 50 backwards, mind bending puzzles in the game.

The Chaotic Workshop is available on Android and iOS here.

Space Esc8bit


Space Esc8bit is a fast paced, 8-bit themed mobile missile run game, with the goal to both get as high an altitude as possible by out-maneuvering as many missiles as possible.

It’s out on Android and iOS now.

Metric Racer


Metric Racer is a fast paced futuristic racer. Multiple tracks, local multiplayer, and a built-in track editor, your speed and creativity are your only limits.

Metric will be launching late 2018 on PC, OSX, Linux, as well as a mobile port on iOS and Android in 2019.


Cross Platform

Vertices runs on PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android and is coming to consoles soon.

In-game Sandbox for Rapid Level Design

A number of Vertices games are sandbox based, and so the engine is built an integrated in-game editor to add, modify and change a game on the fly.

Integrated Terrain Editor

Customizable and Sinkable GUI system

Vertices supports a number of GUI elements from basic buttons and toolbars to more advanced Ribbon Bars and Property Grib controls.

Integrated Debug System

To help with game development and profiling, Vertices comes with a number of debug profilers and tools.

Farseer and BEPU physics library support

Vertices comes with physics support for BEPU and Farseer.


Vertices uses Lidgren to handle it’s netcode back end, and is integrated into the engine, allowing for fast prototyping of networked games.

Rendering Pipeline

Vertices comes with a extensible and plug-and-play renderering pipeline. There is a more indepth look at the renderering pipeline over at Virtex’s main site here.

Deferred Renderer

Cascade Shadow Mapping

Crepuscular Rays(God Rays)

Screen Space Reflections


Motion Blur

Depth of Field

Emissive Materials

Renderering Debug

The renderering pipeline comes with a number of debug options as well, allowing to see what the scene looks like at each stage of the pre and post processing.


Verties is in active development currently and therefore may have some bugs. You can open issues here or get in touch with us on Twitter through the links at the top.